Retailers are ever-evolving. The services that worked today may not work tomorrow. We take a 360-degree approach beyond the sales call, providing a comprehensive and cross-functional approach focused on support at all stages of growth.

Services for Success

We’ve been in your shoes and we know the reputation brokers have. We started this company because we once sat on your side of the desk and were frustrated by the quality service we were getting. So we set out to change it, and The Allan Sullivan Co. was born. 

Anything less than retailer-specific expertise is unacceptable. We’ve built our team to be just that: a diverse, multi-disciplined, best-in-class group of experts to guide your growth through the retail landscape. We provide the value we wish we got when we were in your shoes.

Explore Our Services

Headquarter Sales Call

A great sales call begins months in advance with a robust assortment plan, merchandising strategy, and pre-selling to ensure the brand is positioned to yield the best long-term partnership to satisfy the retailer’s, supplier’s, and consumer’s needs.

Item Setup Management and Compliance

Many brands fail after getting accepted because they can’t seem to get properly set up in the retailer’s system. Our team of dedicated professionals understands the nuances and requirements of each retailer to overcome this challenge.

Forecasting & Sales Operations

Managing a supply chain for the world’s largest retailers can be a daunting challenge. Our team helps you make it to the shelf on time without tying up capital in excess inventory or freight costs, opening up funding to invest in the long-term growth of your business.

Order to Cash Management

Selling to the world’s largest retailer’s yields incredible revenue opportunities, but it isn’t without risk. As part of our commitment to end-to-end service, our deductions and sales ops team ensure that you get paid what you’re owed when it is owed.

e-Commerce Optimization

While the physical shelf resets on a schedule, the digital shelf changes every day. Our retailer activation team ensures your digital footprint and merchandising is optimized specific to the retailer’s requirements while bringing your brand message alive.

In-Store Activation

Getting to the shelf is step one, but getting off the shelf is step two – and it requires a totally different strategy. Our process is designed to maximize the return on spend in-store to drive velocity and visibility with long-term growth in mind.

Reporting & Analytics

If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. That’s why we report on weekly POS, promotional performance, online content scores, ratings and reviews, and more. If we can measure, analyze, and report it back to you, we will.

Growth Roadmap

We plan our work and then work our plan. Our team’s proprietary process of road-mapping your growth at each retailer ensures we can execute flawlessly on your behalf and your plan is understood by everyone in our organization.