We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve experienced your frustration. The Allan Sullivan Co. was born when we set out to change it. We built the brokerage to provide the value we wish we got when we were in your position.

Over the course of our careers, we’ve led everything from category and trade marketing to national account teams and business units in excess of $1B. We’ve been on the manufacturer side of the table and the retailer side of the table. We’ve been at large multinationals and small startups. 

No matter where we were, we kept being underwhelmed by the quality of the manufacturers reps we ran into. Even the ones we hired – we were always left wanting more. How was it possible that such a critical part of the value equation could come up so short so often?

That’s when it hit us… This industry is ready for a revolution.


A best-in-class team

Building a retail business is hard. Not only does it require cross functional expertise in sales, supply chain, ecommerce, marketing, and analytics, but the demands each retailer places on its suppliers is huge and changes daily. Anything less than retailer specific expertise is unacceptable. We’ve built our team to be just that: a diverse, multi-disciplined, best-in-class team to guide your growth through the retail landscape.

Our job is to take care of you and your business. It’s about ensuring deliverables arrive correct, on-time, and with a smile the first time, every time. It’s about pursuing excellence in each of our roles and enjoying what we do. 

Our goal is to operate in such a way that even when those rougher days inevitably happen, our clients still say “even though it’s hard – at least we get to do those hard things with you.” We are on your side. We are here to win by helping you win. Business is about people. And when you are good to people, business will be good to you.

Experienced, dedicated leadership

Reed Acrey and Steve Gohde are the founding partners of The Allan Sullivan Co. Having spent decades in retail, they are passionate about helping people and brands achieve their growth potential, no matter where they are in their growth journey. 

Their focus is on ensuring the Allan Sullivan team has what they need to make sure your brand wins on-shelf and online across your consumer’s path to purchase. They’re passionate about all aspects of retail to the point where when they aren’t with clients or their team, they are likely out walking retail and talking to store associates.


Our commitment to you is fundamentally sound growth. Our commitment to you is rigorous business management. Our commitment to you is driving data based insights into action. Our commitment to you is to treat your business like it was our own.


We love being the broker that supports the idea people.  If you have any questions or just want to bounce your idea off someone, reach out.
We would love to hear from you