It’s all about the “5th P”

Yes, Pricing, Product, Placement, and Promotion all matter, but it’s the “5th P” – the one they don’t teach in any class – that really determines the success of a retail program: People. Ultimately, that’s what we are looking for, great product lines run by great people. 

If you are reading this, you probably feel like making a change in your business. Odds are you fall into one of the following categories…

Greenfield Development

You are new to the retailer – you’ve got zero sales and need to get in. Maybe you’ve got an amazing idea, proof of concept, and have your supply chain together, but have struggled to make it resonate with the retailer. We’ve got you covered. This is what we do. 

Let’s talk about how we can work together to put the pieces in place to disrupt a category and bring your dream to life.

Outgrown Your Current Support

Selling in Retail isn’t a straight line drag race, it’s a rally race with blind curves, hills, and lots of dirt. If you’ve got your product sold in and need some help navigating, let us be your pit crew. We’ve been there and done it and understand how daunting it can be. 

Whether you are without a broker or have just outgrown their current ability to support you, we’ve got the team in place to help you go fast and ensure you don’t just complete your first lap, but lead lap after lap, year after year.

Reignite Growth

You’ve been in business for decades, and have sold the retailer for years, but strategies change, new products are launched, and growth objectives get big. Sometimes old habits die hard and you need sales representation on board with the new direction. 

Your objectives are our objectives. Our assets are your assets. We work for you, not the other way around. Our tag line isn’t “Your Growth is Our Goal” just because it sounds good. It’s because it’s fundamental to how our team operates.

Tighten Up

When a boat is pointed in the right direction and the sail is trimmed just right, even the roughest seas can feel smoother. The same is true in Retail. Our team provides expertise in all the little things that make your business run smoothly, be more profitable, and more predictable. 

From forecasting and promotional execution to markdown and deductions clearing, we’ve got a team for that. No matter how big your boat, let our team join your crew.


No one calls us when everything is fine. In fact, we often come in when things seem on the brink of collapse. Trust us, no matter how bad things get, we’ve seen worse. 

Our team rallies around you and the retailer, putting short term fixes in place to get the business moving in the right direction, and then works toward long-term, fundamentally sound service practices while putting your business on a sustainable growth trajectory. We’ve got the fire extinguishers waiting.

3 years after hiring Allan Sullivan, we are now the second largest vendor in our category.

“We were on the decline – less than $2M at [the retailer] and quickly headed to zero. 3 years after hiring them, we will do over $23M in shipments and are now the second largest vendor in the category. This is a direct result of The Allan Sullivan Company and their team’s commitment to strategic, profitable growth.”

Private Label Food Manufacturer

The reward was worth the risk.

“Make the change. We dragged our feet switching because we were afraid of the old broker’s relationship at [retailer]. After the switch, they took the business from fewer than 7,000 PODs to more than 25,000. We wasted a whole year’s worth of growth. The reward was worth the risk.”

Startup Health and Beauty Brand

They expanded our largest account by more than 30% YOY.

“The Allan Sullivan Company is my new standard. This past year they opened two completely new major national accounts and expanded our largest account by more than 30% YOY. I wish they covered more retailers – I’d flip them all over to them immediately.”

National Confectionary Brand

The Allan Sullivan Company surpassed every expectation and showed us we still have capacity to grow.

“We are 100% seasonal in and out, multiple times a year. Our partners have to manage frequent line reviews as well as the supply chain and reporting that comes with a seasonal business. The Allan Sullivan Company team has surpassed every expectation I had and showed me we still have capacity to grow.”

Seasonal Food Manufacturer


We love being the broker that supports the idea people.  If you have any questions or just want to bounce your idea off someone, reach out.
We would love to hear from you.