Your business, is our business.

We believe in pushing the limits and challenging common behavior, not accepting whatever deal is placed on the table. We believe in transparent and pro-active communication and insights, not reactive reporting and request based action. We believe in championing brands and businesses in a manner that places the best possible consumer solution on the right shelf/web page and driving visibility and engagement through the highest impact levers, not just the easiest. We aren't what you are used to, we are Allan Sullivan. 


Who We Work With

Write down your answer to the following two questions:

Are you more fearful of what you will lose rather than what you will win?

Do you see disruption as a problem rather than an opportunity?

If you said "yes" to either of those, we don't work with you. The companies we consult with, broker for, or fund are companies founded on incredible product, passionate people, and an aggressive growth mindset. That's our ideal client because that's how the Allan Sullivan company works.

What We do

Consulting: We are passionate about taking brands to the next level by coming alongside their existing leadership team and helping accelerate their commercialization activities. Channel strategy, pricing architecture, Large Account Management Process, and sales asset creation & rollout - its what we do - and we do it really fast. A fast consultant - yes, we do exist - the difference is we are outcome based, not on billing based.

Brokerage: Got the right strategy but can't penetrate the right accounts. We can help in the Home Center, Mass, & Value channels. Our biggest difference - we actually care about our clients - you can ask any of our current clients and judge for yourself. Let us grow you to the point you don't need us anymore. Now, when was the last time you heard a broker say that?