About The Founders

Reed Acrey - Founder

15+ years of consumer goods experience calling on the largest retailers in the world. Built numerous sales teams from ground up. Holds multiple unbroken sales awards. Led multiple teams to "Vendor of the Year" status.

He's the guy that know's everyone you need to know - because he's been there, done that, and won.

Steve Gohde - Founder

15+ years of consumer & durable goods experience building product portfolios, commercialization strategies, and category analytics teams. He's sat on both the retailer and manufacturer side. He's got a track record or turning around failing businesses.

He's the guy that gets it done come hell or high water - because he's been there, done that, and won.

Our Story

Several years ago, Reed and Steve were leading sales and marketing for a children's beverage company when they met with a broker in preparation for an annual review with a major retailer. The meeting went well and it eventually led to the material expansion of items and store count. On the day of the meeting, however, they noticed something peculiar: even though they had a broker on the account, they had done all the planning, strategy, development, and execution of the review - the broker had done little to nothing.

And this wasn't the first time it had happened... Not by a long shot.

That evening, between the retailer and the airport, Reed and Steve began to wonder why it seemed no-one cared about their product as much as they did. Why people appeared not to take pride in the service they provided. Why people were settling for mediocrity. By the time they reached the airport, it was decided: they would start their own brokerage.

They built it with a few simple principles based on what they had hoped to see in their brokers, but never did:

  • An aggressive growth posture that never settles for "maintaining distribution".
  • Care for each and every brand entrusted to them - no overloading, always attentive.
  • Constant evolution and growth to match the brands and retailers step-for-step. Always lead, never follow.
  • Best-in-class training with the highest levels of service and execution - the gold standard in sales, not just brokerage.

These 4 principles are the foundation of everything we do at Allan Sullivan. in the end, our motto is:

Your Growth is Our Goal