These guys are the best in the business. I’ve asked them to take on more accounts for me, but they won’t - they stay in their lane. They know what they are good at - and they are damn good at it.
— President & Owner, National Frozen Food Manufacturer

Mission Critical Retailers

Put us in. We want the ball. Let us show you what we can do. When it comes to managing your business, we do things a little differently. We are rabid about pre-call planning and always look to grow - we don't back up, and we don't back down. We manage your ongoing business with robust analytics and a hands on approach. We don't wait for problems to arise, we anticipate and mitigate. 

  • Supply chain, analytics, deductions, item maintenance, item on-boarding, and e-commerce management are all executed by our internal support staff who are experts in their respective areas.
  • We limit total client base to no more than 20. Your business will never farmed out to a junior account manager, never assigned to someone you’ve never met, and never overlooked.
  • There are only two phone numbers your need to know: The phone numbers of the founders of Allan Sullivan. WE manage your account - No one else. EVER.


I couldn’t afford a full time VP of sales, trade, or channel, but we needed the talent to take the team to the next level. The Allan Sullivan team showed up and quickly learned the business, integrated well with the team, and taught everyone how to think about commercialization. 120 days later, we had a fully baked plan, assets, and trained broker network. It was like a commercialization bootcamp.
— CEO, Startup Cleaning & Pesticide Company

Commercialization Boot Camp

Does it seem like your company is stuck? Like it can't seem to get traction? Do you have a great product, great proposition, and great branding, but somehow the wheels just keep spinning and the car won't go?

Let us help.

We've worked with brands with just over a million dollars in revenue to brands in excess of a quarter billion dollars. In all cases, we've helped by dialing in channel & sales strategies and aligning commercialization activities so each business could run faster & farther.

  • We teach your team how to be customer/retailer centric

  • We develop route to market and channel mapping strategies.

  • We build your sales network, create the assets needed to aid in the selling process, and then train your sales team.
And then we get out.

We aren't like regular consultants who try to extend their engagement to bill more and make more. We are results oriented. When you hire us, we don't deliver a binder at the conclusion. We align on scope and goals and then we deliver results.