The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”
— Herbert Spencer

Mission control is much more than just a business dashboard. 

Mission control is much more than just a business dashboard. 

Total Business Management.

Does it seem your brokers are just managing appointments for you when the line review comes around? Does it seem like anytime you have a question, you get the same old response? We've been in your shoes - that's part of the reason we started Allan Sullivan. We believe there is a better way for brokerage. A way that manages the total business - 365 days a year. A way that creates cross-functional transparency both with you and with the retailer. A way that manages all aspects of Gross to Net deployment. 

The Allan Sullivan way digs through all of the surface level data and distills information in a manner that drives growth through actionable insights.

 One of the defining differences about Allan Sullivan is how we utilize data to create an interactive dashboard of your portfolio's performance at your retail partner. We integrate multiple sources of data, marrying POS, inventory, and financial analytics with store audits across critical KPIs. We take all of this information and build a custom dashboard for your business we call Mission Control. It allows us to proactively manage the business and we leverage it's capabilities to inform the cross-functional stakeholders and spur them to action. It has multiple modules designed to anticipate the needs of each group, help them manage the business better, and answer questions before they arise saving you time and increasing your impact. Moreover, as part of the on boarding process, a robust history is created that only gets richer with time. That means institutional knowledge isn't lost when personnel changes, but builds and informs each subsequent stakeholder.